Wake Up and smell the carbs

 Lunch was salad with hummusdscn6682

and an open faced grilled cheese with an apple. I love carbs and cheese – whoever thought of this combination should be given some kind of nobel prize.dscn6680

I had a carb attack yesterday around 3pm and went straight for the sugary cereal. dscn6683After munching on more than one cup I realized I was just tired more than anything and went to get a pick me up – tea…dscn6693

Unfortunately, I also saw that these were on sale… dscn6685

and had to get them…dscn6691



I also got a fancy almond tea with boba

dscn6702I love boba and now I love this cute little spoon that they give you to scoop the boba’s out. I usually only get the cold ones with a big straw.dscn6696

dscn6698I drank some of Ben’s Taro slushy yoga too…dscn6697

Dinner was at an Italian place with Ben’s friends. I’m sure I embarrassed him by busting out my camera mid-dinner and taking pictures of my food with no explanation. These are friends that I’ve only  met once before, so they don’t already realize that I am weird. I’m not too concerned though, it is what it is…




2 Responses

  1. your so cute!

  2. I agree totally on the Nobel prize for carbs and cheese, or just about anything an cheese for that matter. And seriously, what a cute spoon with your tea! -e

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