And by Half I mean Full…

Half Marathon Training Clarification : The mileage on my weekly long runs is actually the mileage I would run to train for a FULL MARATHON. My training program is almost treating the OC Half as a practice run for the full marathon.

I am considering running the SD RnR May 31st, so I need to have a lot more miles logged than if I was only doing a half mary. Basically, I am training for the half and the full at the same time. You do not have to run this many miles to complete a half marathon.

If I was just running the OC Half my long runs would be between 10 to 13 miles maximum. If you are training or would like to train for a half marathon 10 to 13 miles is totally enough. I promise. I have trained for half marys in the past and maxed out at 11 miles for a long run and done fine.

*Note – I always take 2 rest days from running a week. I know my body & I know that injuries really suck. I would rather take 2 days off each week than 6 weeks off a few times a year. So, even though the training looks difficult I really do take it easy pretty often 🙂

So, even if I just end up doing the OC half and not the SD RnR full at least I had the option. The reason I don’t want to commit to it is because it will just add the my crazy life in June…

May 31st (tentative) – Run Marathon in San Diego

June 1st – Fly to NJ for Ben’s brother’s graduation

June 2nd – graduation

June 3rd-4th – drive from NJ to FL

June 5th – 8th – Marco Island, FL with Ben’s fam

June 8 or 9 (?) – Fly home to California

June 18 or 19 (?) – Drive to Paso Robles

June 20th – Wedding


Breakfast: I ate a handful of sugary cereal to start…

Then, I decided to spruce up my oats since they’ve bedscn6678en so unappetizing lately. I added cranberries and sesame almonds to the mix. I need to do this more often, oats are so much prettier with colorful fruit on it.



Half Mary Training

Here is my first draft of my half marathon training. I have not done any speed work in the past and this schedule requires a lot of it, so I am going to do the first week and gauge what I can do based on that. Like I said earlier, this program is pretty advanced for me, so if I don’t stick with it exactly that’s fine. At the end of next week I will have a better idea of what changes I need to make to the plan.

I got it from the Runner’s World site – half marathon training.  Hal Higdon has a solid half marathon training program. Jeff Galloway has a half marathon training program too.

If you are looking to just start running I highly suggest the Couch to 5K program – there is a link to that and other training programs on my Training tab on top 🙂

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
3 5.3 miles FFI 2x[400 SI (100), 800 CI (200), 1600 PI] 4 miles + 6×100 fast strides 4 miles PI Rest 15 miles LR Rest
4 6 miles + 6×100 S 3×1.5-mile CI (400)  4 miles, or Rest 6 miles alternating 2:00–3:00 CI w/1:00 jogs 3 miles easy, or Rest 16 miles LRS  Rest
5 6 miles + 6×100 S FFI 2x[800 SI (100), 1600 CI (200),1600 PI]  4 miles, or Rest 6 miles alternating 2:00–3:00 CI w/1:00 jogs 3 miles easy, or Rest 17 miles LRF  Rest
6 6 miles + 6×100 S 4×800 CI (200), 6×200 SI (100) 4 miles, or Rest 2x[400 SI (100), 800 SI (200),400 SI] Rest 18 miles LR Rest
7 6 miles + 6×100 S FFI 2x[400 SI (100), 800 CI (200), 3200 PI]  3 miles PI 5–6 miles PI  Rest 19 miles LRS Rest
8 6 miles + 6×100 fast S
2×800 SI (400), 6×200 SI (55), 2×1200 SI (400) 
3 miles PI 6–7 miles PI  Rest 20 miles LR Rest
9 3 miles easy 6×400 CI (100) 3 miles PI 2×400 CI (200), 2×200 SI (100) Rest rest Half-Mary Race


Yoga in the afternoon and wine at night make for the most relaxing evening.

My yoga class was a level 1 and it was really good! Sometimes the Level1-2 classes are too challenging to be enjoyable. I can’t imagine how difficult the Level 2 classes are!

After class I had some time to kill so I went to TJ’s for some dinner ingredients. I also picked up some mango & a Pure bar – both of which I dscn6662began to eat in the car…the Pure bar tastes amazing, but was kinda small for 200 cals

dscn6664dscn6665Dinner was ww pasta with butter and parmesean cheese topped with scallops and asparagus.dscn6669

and we had my newest obsession Challah bread of course…dscn6672

I had this glass of wine plus another. I am very happy and relaxed right now 🙂 Love it. I need to drink more. Seriously. Every time I drink I can feel all the muscles in my shoulders ache. I guess I am so tense all the time the only I relax is when I drink! Isn’t that tragic?dscn6673