Stop “bodering” me & my Irish identity

My stomach hurt when I woke up this morning 😦 I tried to stall my run as much as I could, but I couldn’t wait any more so I took off for an easy and slow 6 miles. Today was going to be a few 800m repeats, but there is no way my stomach was going to let me push it. Boo. My stomach hurt mildly the whole time. (“Stop bodering me” is what my little bro, Matt, says when we are bothering him)

Breakfast: Swiss Oats!

Last night I mixed 1/2c oats, a little almond milk, a container of sweetened greek yogurt and a banana. This morning I added some strawberries and a few walnut pieces for crunch. It was really good and kept me full till lunch 🙂 Actually, I have noticed that I always get hungry around 10/10:30ish and if I ignore it/drink something it goes away until a proper lunch time. dscn6622

Lunch was salad with spicy hummus for dressing.dscn6625


Veggie meat sammie, la crotch and an apple. dscn6628

Actually in the middle of lunch I forgot my mom wanted me to go to CostCo to pick up some more of those great rice chips. So, half-way through my lunch I had to dash out the door. I can never resist CostCo samples – I had one of those big fancy crackers with salmon salad on it, a few nuts and grapes on the way home. I managed to not open the rice chips, but I should put them out of my reach for my drive home! I ALWAYS eat in the car on the way home from the store – another time I add unnecessary calories to my day 😦

My afternoon snack is my last corn VitaTop with a dollop of PB on top. I am expecting this to be amazing, I hope it doesn’t disappoint! dscn6631

I feel bad that my posts always seem so late. By the time I get to work around 9am PST the east coast bloggers have already posted breakfast and lunch!

My Irish identity –

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!! Most people assume I am Irish because of my red hair. I’ve gotten this since I was a freckle-faced red haired kid and since my brother Michael has red hair too it’s obvious that it’s real.  I know a lot of people enjoy being “Irish for the day” on St.Patty’s each year, but it’s truly believable with me & roll with it!

Case & Point : I went to Ireland a few years back and tourists actually asked me for directions. Guess I looked like a local?! Ha.

Have a super fun day!

From your Irish-red headed-blogger,



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  1. I am a quarter Irish but nobody believes me…! Happy St Paddy’s day!

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