Lunch Repeat

Sundays are a rest day, but I did make it to yoga!!! Yeah! I bought a package of classes from the Yoga studio I go to and I have to use all of them by April 10th. I do not have enough time since I’m not in this neighborhood that often. I am going to make it a point to get to 2 of these classes a week so I can use them all up in time!

Today’s class was by a sub instructor. She was good, but it was a lot slower paced class. She was very specific about us doing the poses correctly, which is good, but the normal instructor does a lot of sun salutations in the beginning which I love.

Our Sunday schedule seems to be : Wake, Breakfast, Church, Yoga (or gym for Ben) I really like it.

Breakfast was a few stolen bites of cerealdscn6556

and oatmeal for me, it was not good today for some reason? I made it as usual too…dscn6560 I should have just had cereal.

Lunch after yoga was the exact same from yesterday – egg white sandwich, hummus with chips, colorful salad…dscn6565dscn6566

dscn65671POM Wonderful and seltzer mixed right in the bottle.dscn6568

Oh, while I’m in yoga Ben goes to the gym. He gets out earlier than me and got this Taro boba drink. I got a few sips 🙂dscn6563

We were sitting around reading the paper and I ate about 5 handfuls of grapes. You know you’ve eaten too many grapes when you feel like you just ate a footlong sub instead of fruit.



2 Responses

  1. I just found your blog through NHerShoes and wanted to say hi! I have really enjoyed reading about your running and healthy eating!! I am coming back to running after 3 months of being off due to an injury so I love reading running blogs for motivation!! Looking forward to reading more of what you have to say:)

  2. I get so thrown off with a sub yoga teacher. That’s probably the opposite of a “yoga” mindset. 😀

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