Hole in the wall

Here is just a quick recap of my Saturday, just for my record…

I had some Triscuits while waiting for Ben to meet up with me for lunch. dscn6534

Lunch was egg white salad from TJ’sdscn6539

an amazing salad topped with hummusdscn6538

and more hummus with chips.dscn6541

POM and seltzer for a beveragedscn6540

As we left for Matt’s basketball game I grabbed some grapes 🙂 These are like my candy these days.dscn65421

Dinner was at a local hole in the wall Mexican place I had never been. The menu was hand written and I couldn’t even read some of it. So, needless to say it was hard to navigate this meal. I just picked something and went for it, even though it was not the healthiest option. The reality is, this place didn’t have many healthy options.dscn6547dscn6544

Mexican food requires you begin with chips, of course.dscn6546 Between lunch and dinner I ate A LOT of chips today!!!

I ordered an omelet and cheese enchilada combo plate with rice and beans. I made sure to leave some food on my plate though 🙂 dscn6552

After a 45 minute walk I came home to some chocolate soymilk and granola. I am addicted to this stuff!



2 Responses

  1. ooooh hole in the wall Mexican places are ALWAYS delicious and so not healthy! YUM!

  2. Oh man! That Mexican food looks good! Where was it?

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