Dinner – Eggplant, Seitan & Blood…

This is my frequent walking partner, Roxy aka “The Rox” aka the “Roxican”. She is a doll and I don’t feature her nearly enough. foodies-1600

Lunch started with a few chips with hummus:foodies-1602

A salad with hummus as dressing:foodies-1605

Pita pizza, because I cannot get enough:foodies-1603

Call me the next “Millionaire Matchmaker” because these 2 are meant to be together…and I drank it with lunch. foodies-1607

Snacks –

I was working from home today, so that makes it 10x as hard to avoid random snacking! Here are my afternoon snacks:


A few swigs of this exciting find – POM iced coffee drink! Tastes like a chocolate shake.foodies-1609

foodies-1610Then, half a Kashi bar and an orange (no pic).foodies-1611

Dinner was Eggplant, Seitan & Blood.

I chopped up the eggplant in pieces and managed to slice into my finger. Boo. Don’t you get so scared when you cut yourself because you could have just sliced off the tip of your finger?foodies-1614

I just cooked up the eggplant in a pan with : garlic, broth, soy sauce, sirachi, oyster sauce, dried basil and red pepper flakes. Then, I added the rest of the seitan I had. foodies-1616


foodies-1619Dessert was about 5 of this peanut rice cake things. I guess I shouldn’t be eating them because techinically they are sweet, but it’s not something I would normally consider a cake,cookie, ice cream – the things I gave up for Lent.foodies-1620


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