I feel like a failure. I have this fun little blog that is focused on healthy eating, exercise and trying to enjoy my life. I am a normal girl who loves to run & eat. I am trying to lose weight through a healthy lifestyle. I think I am a good example for the people around me and a lot of readers as well as friends/family ask me advice and questions about running and food. But one of my friends recently had gastric bypass surgery and another one has stopped eating carbs. I just don’t get it. I don’t think that dramatic quick fixes solve weight problems. If you are overweight, want to lose weight AND keep it off long term you have to change the habits that got you overweight. Sorry, I am just frustrated. I don’t want to talk about liquid diets (with my gastric bypass friend) or carbs. I don’t want to be on a diet. I do want to lose weight for my wedding, but I am not going to do it by drinking SlimFast until the big day just to gain it all back. If I change the bad habits that got me overweight I won’t have to diet! Okay, I am done with my rant.

Run- 7.5 miles. Felt good 🙂


I had a banana with PB & pancakes this morning.

The ‘cakes had:


cottage cheese

egg/egg whites

vanilla/cinnamon/baking soda

On a happier note I got a BIG PACKAGE in the mail yesterday! I can’t wait to share it with you all later today!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Agreed! A lot of people just want a quick fix. As a nurse, I have seen some terrible side effects of the gastric bypass surgery. No thanks!

  2. i’m sorry that’s tough to have close friends who don’t jive with your worldview! esp as you struggle with something so close to home and you obvi are very passionate about changing your life. i think you are a great source of “real life” challenge and of course you aren’t the only one– i definitely identify with all that you talk about so i hope you can continue and be just as strong in your ideals as always 🙂

  3. Quick fixes are easier, instead of putting the time into the problem some people just go the easy way out. Keep up your good work though, you are going to look amazing on your wedding day!

  4. You are NOT a failure… it stinks that you’ve got people who aren’t as healthy with their decisions as you seem to be!

  5. i wanted to write “can i have an amen sister” but that is so not like me to say that. it’s tough when people don’t get it. on a daily basis people ask me why i run, i think i am going to start asking those same people why they go to mcdonald’s every day (more than once for some of them)

    keep doing what you are doing to live the best life you can live

  6. AMEN you shouldnt have too!

  7. “easy way out”? Boy does that burn me. As a gastric bypass patient, I have tried almost every method of losing weight imaginable, including healthy balanced diets coupled with aggressive exercise regimens under the tutelage of a personal trainer. I worked HARD at these plans, and not for short times on each one. The thing is, every plan was successful! I lost tons of weight every time! The problem, of course, is regain. So why didn’t I just stick to the healthy diet and exercise? Having allowed my stomach to get to the size it was, eating the amount of food that would maintain my loss left me CONSTANTLY hungry – my stomach never signalled “I am full”. I’m not talking about having an appetite, either – I am talking honest-to-God HUNGER. You talk about not wanting to be constantly on a diet – well that is exactly what I experienced every day of my life until this surgery. Yes, your stomach shrinks on a diet, but not enough, in my case. You can argue about what it was that got me to that point – it may well be true that I have a lack of some character that caused me to be in this position, but now that I got there, would you really condemn me to be this size forever? – because for me, and others in my situation, gastric bypass is and was the “last chance” for survival. Quick and easy? Hardly.

  8. Please don’t feel like a failure. Don’t let other’s actions ruin all your personal feelings of accomplishment! We can only do what is best for ourselves and try to help others but ultimately it is their decision on how they choose to act.

    ON A HAPPY NOTE – do you have a recipe for that super yummy looking Healthy Pancake? please share the details. I am not much of a cook so I need instructions :o)

  9. Rich Way – I am in no way trying to condemn you or anyone else to be overweight. I too have tried many diets and hard work-out regimens. I have busted my ass to lose weight and I too have successfully lost weight, but it is an ongoing battle that I live every day. I can lose 10 pounds, but keeping it off is another struggle, and from the sound of your comment you can relate. The reality is I hate the way I look right now, I’ve hated my body and my weight since high school and that is a miserable life. Surgery is not an option for me because 1. I am not overweight enough for it and 2. because my weight issues are deeper than just eating less. I too feel constantly hungry & I can’t decipher when I am actually hungry vs. when I am eating out of habit/emotion/other. I don’t have the option of losing weight via surgery so I have to continue my battle through a healthy lifestyle and exercise. It is very difficult & maybe I am a little jealous that I can’t just go in and get my stomach stapled so I lose 30 pounds in a month. I wish. Until then I must continue to deal with my weight issues, eating and exercise regimens like you used to, but my struggle is still alive and well. I did not mean to offend you or anyone else, I don’t wish anyone to have to live an unhappy life because of their weight. I know that feeling all to well…

  10. Ya I will be headed to San juan capestrano:) on Friday until sunday, is that near you?did you get your package yet?!

  11. Upon re-reading, the tone of my comment above was FAR too strident! I did not feel offended, just defensive. It has a lot to do with other things going on right now that have nothing to do with this post. I’m sorry I came off so strong. I wish I had some positive suggestion to offer in return, but I really wish you nothing but success in your struggles. We all have to do what is right for ourselves. Thanks for the reply!!

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