Productive Lunch

There is a shopping center next door to my office with a bunch of very useful shops – including a David’s Bridal and TJ’s!

I stopped by David’s Bridal to check out bridesmaid dresses. I have looked at department stores & have not had any luck so I am probably going to go with them. I have picked out 5 that I like and I’m going to go back with one of my girls to make the final decision.

I am all out of yogurt so I took advantage of the beautiful day and walked to the super close TJ’s to pick some up on my lunch. I also got these lovely mushrooms to add to my salad. dscn6365

I packed a sammie with lettuce, a smear of mustard and a thick slice of pepperjack cheese (courtesy of Ben). dscn6368

But, after taking 2 bites I realized this cheese is best melted… Ben really wants one of those super cool toaster ovens that Subway has, I guess it’s a convection oven? I have dismissed it as a bad idea until today – it would have been perfect!

dscn6376Dessert was strawberries 🙂dscn6371 Now I’m back to work, I have so much to do for work & wedding!


Monday runday

Sunday is one of my usual rest days so I was ready to go this morning. I did 5.3 miles – there is no specific reason for this distance on Mondays other than it is the loop around Ben’s neighborhood. I felt good the entire time and felt pretty fast too. It was  dark when I first started and I didn’t really glance down at my Garmin until I was almost done so I don’t know if I was actually making good (for Monica) time or it just felt fast?


Breakfast was on the go. I made oats with naner, almond milk, a lot of cinnamon, PB & coconut. I think coconut looks so pretty on  oats, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I couldn’t really taste it and could really just take it or leave it.

Next Race –

So, now I’m conflicted. I had a great run today, but a crappy long run on Saturday. I’m still deciding between the half vs. the full for my next race. But I will post my race training schedule later today 🙂

POM Wonderful – Review

The lovely people at POM Wonderful recently sent me some of their juice to sample. It’s 100% pomegranate juice (from concentrate).

Here is my review:

I liked it 🙂  It tastes and is good for you, what’s not to like right? Plus you can mix it with seltzer or in other beverages to enjoy (see below).

In case you want to cancel out the benefits of this drink enjoy your antioxidants with some hard liquor, this is the Pomegranate Martini recipe from Oprah’s website.