I love when vegetarian substitutes taste just as good, if not better than the “real” thing. Soyrizo of those things. dscn6297

I had it with some egg whites, ww tortilla and salad.

Dessert was a lot of grapes.dscn6298

Lunch held me over very well and I wasn’t that hungry around 3:30p when I made a smoothie and topped it with cereal Jamby style. dscn63001

I went to check on my wedding dress after work and they said the material is on its way and should be in by Tuesday. They haven’t even started on it yet! I am very eager to see it and make sure it’s coming along okay!

After that I went to check out some places for DIY invitations. My friend Adriel is a master with design stuff and he is helping me make pretty invites on the cheap 🙂

Dinner was Kale chips and a tuna sandwich. I actually started with asparagus (my mom had made a bunch and it was in my face). This meal was so satisfying because it was exactly what I wanted to eat. Listening to your body and eating what you crave makes your belly happy 🙂dscn6304


I totally caved and had some sf hot chocolate and a piece of bread with PB and PB (pumpkin butter). I have been able to avoid the chocolate covered walnuts on the counter and a bunch of other junk, so I am proud of myself despite this. I am trying to make life style changes and stop the need to eat dessert everyday, but it’s a process right?dscn63061


Overall I did have a few handfuls of random things in the kitchen, but I am making great progress.



I’m excited because I finally had time to make the infamous breakfast cookie from The Fitnessista. I licked the spoon and think it’s going to be great, but we’ll see if I enjoy it as much as my fave bowl of oats.


6 Responses

  1. I’m so eager to get my wedding dress too…I ordered it in July and it still isn’t here! Gah. I’m also working on DIY invites…slowly…getting the wording right is tricky.

  2. I just bought some of the soyrizo about a week ago! I added it to scrambled eggs with veggies and it was awesome!

  3. you will love it!

  4. i actually think a dessert is beneficial b/c it is a signal that eating is over– an ending. just make it a reasonable dessert, maybe even fruit. have never tried soyrizo!!

  5. Wow – I saw Kale Chips yesterday at Mother’s Market in Costa Mesa. Looked “interesting”. Are they any good?

  6. Sarah – let me know how those invites come out. I’m a little nervous about it.

    Glenn Jones – I made the kale chips at home – just kale, salt and some cooking spray and I love them. I have never tried the store bought kind.

    Foodsthatfit – I love soyrizo! I should try to add veggies too.

    Lacey – You know I totally agree!

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