Donde esta mis azucar?

Happy Humpday 🙂 This morning when I woke up I did NOT want to run. I don’t really know why, I just didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy, but I knew if I skipped out I would regret it later & wouldn’t have time to do it. So, I set out on a 7 miler. I am not going to lie and say that I loved every minute of it – the first 3 miles were mentally tough since I wanted to stop, but I did it.

Before I left I had a piece of bread w/ PB. Normally I would have some handfuls of cereal that would not get pictured!dscn6058

Breakfast –

Q: What is missing from this picture???dscn6060


A: brown sugar.

Normally I sprinkle brown sugar on top of my oats, but since I am staying away from sweets for the next 40 days (!) I thought I should take the sugar off my oats. I am not going to avoid all foods with sugar in it, since my goal is to avoid sweets like candy, cookies, ice cream, etc – not all sugar.

After breakfast I was still a little hungry (or maybe actually thirsty) and had some blueberries. dscn6063

(I also had a few bites of scrambled eggs I made for my bro.) Lunch was salmon salad made with this packet. I love that you don’t have to drain the can and get fish juice everywhere!!!dscn6064

I had it on an english muffin with an apple and salad on the side 🙂


My blog-aversary is coming up and I wanted to do a give away contest, but Lindsay at The Love of Oats beat me to it 🙂 I may have to wait for a belated blog-aversary contest since I don’t want to be a copier. But, I do want to participate in Linday’s contest!!!

4 Responses

  1. I just bought some fresh blueberries after craving them from your site! Blueberry oats are in order!

  2. oh no – you can def do a giveaway! don’t worry i won’t think you are a copier hehe…

  3. yummy oats, hey girl I am confused about where you live now?

  4. 1. i love that salmon!!! it really fills me up, too.

    2. if you use a really ripe banana it makes the oatmeal reeeeeeeeeeeally sweet. cinnamon is good, too.

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