Day 2 – More lessons

On Day 2 of my personal challenge I learned even more, like:

1. Stop fucking eating chocolate after lunch

2. Don’t eat paper ( more on that to come)

I started the day with my OG oatmeal. I just love this breakfast and it keeps me super full for a long time, if it ain’t broke right?dscn5912

I had fruit after lunch, but the pic is MIA.

Lunch was a BIG salad with greens, sweet peppers and mushrooms – love it.dscn5915

 Plus a grilled cheese with these delicious low fat cheese slices I picked up yesterday 🙂dscn5916

I am thinking about giving up sweets for Lent and it has been killing me. I seriously think I have an addiction to sugar becuase since I made the decision I have become a fiend for chocolate and sweets! I decided to make some healthy oatmeal cookies for Ben and I. They were just okay.dscn5919

Before the cookie baking my afternoon snack was greek yogurt with granola and cereal. I definately use cereal as a sweet treat too, I think I may have to give that up too for the sake of honesty. Damn. dscn5917

I got this runner’s log book at a bookstore this week. I used to keep a super strict food diary and that’s why it’s hard for my to keep written track of everything I eat, but I don’t know if I will have the same problem with a running log. I’m going to try it out. dscn5921

The kitchen at Ben’s is still under construction so we had to either throw a bunch of random foods together or go out. I didn’t want to go out since we would probably eat out tomorrow. So, we got out a bunch of sandwich ingredients, chips, crackers and cheeses. It’s like we are living in a college dorm room…


I tried to be civilized and construct a sandwich and then stick it in the micro for a minute to melt. We have the toaster plugged in in the bathroom and the micro plugged in in the living room – we’re classy like that. dscn5924


Well, it turns out I didn’t take the paper off the cheese slice and since I micro-ed it to melty goodness, I didn’t realize the paper was still on there. Yep. I ate the paper and only realized when  bit of it was sticking out of my already mostly eaten sandwich. Here is Ben laughing hysterically and holding up the remaining bits of eaten paper. Fabulous. dscn59262


2 Responses

  1. The oatmeal cookies look fabulous, do you have a recipe?

  2. Ok, that was funny. And I wasn’t there. I’m sorry that you ate paper though.

    If you’re interested, I have a food log posted on my blog that does not focus on calories or restricting. I am a former bulimic, and I don’t roll with calorie restrictions or diets, but this log still helps me stay on track nutrition-wise, which is really the most important part.

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