Wedding Dress Deal

dscn5891Saks Fifth Avenue’s Bridal Salon in South Coast Plaza is closing. All they have left are floor samples in sizes 8 & 10. They are selling the dresses for amazing prices – between 50 and 70% off! If you are in the area and around those sizes you should check it out! I went and tried on a few, but didn’t find anything I am in love with ­čśŽ I was hoping to score a great deal on my dream dress.

Also – I may or maynot┬áhave gotten a chocolate drink from Godiva on my way out… it was like drinking a dark chocolate candy bar. Luckily I was able share half of it with Ben. (Then he insisted on pizza for dinner – he is no help to my cause!)dscn5892

Day 1

I actually decided to make today Day 1 since I didn’t have a lot of the food I needed on hand yesterday and ended up eating very random (and not necessarily healthy) things.

I’m gonna post the menus the night before or in the morning so there is a set plan for each day.

Day 1 – Menu

B: high fiber cereal with 1% milk

S: fruit

L: Salad with beans & veggies

S: naner w/ PB

D: black bean soup, toast

* I changed a lot of things about today’s menu since lunch was supposed to be a Steak Salad ( I don’t really eat red meat) and dinner was Turkey Chili (again, not a big fan). If you have questions about their exact menu plan let me know.

Day 1 – Workout

5.3 mile run

Actually, I had no choice but to change up this morning’s breakfast to ┬ácereal…it was a mix of random cerealsdscn5898

I stayed at Ben’s last night and his roomate is putting in all new cabinets so, their is no stove or microwave & everything is piled on one side of the room!dscn5900