21 Day Body Make Over


I came across this special issue of Shape yesterday at a bookstore. It is a 21 day plan to makeover your body. Normally I think magazines tell you stuff you already know or just give you a few random tips, but this is a little different.

There are tips for each day, a menu, recipes and workouts! There are 3 pages dedicated to each day and a lot of great weight loss success stories ­čÖé I am going to give it a shot with a few modifications –

1. Some of the menu items include meat or other snacks that I don’t want to buy a whole package of for just one day. So, I will change to menu a bit, but try to stick to their 1600 cal guidelines.

2. With my recent decision to change up my running routine & add some arm work in, I think my workouts are as good or possibly more challenging than the magazines so, I’m sticking to my plan.

Today is Day 1

The tips for today┬áinclude – Prepare yourself to slim down by figuring out your motivation. >My motivation is feeling good in my bathing suit in June!

Find something else to do besides eating when you use food as an outlet. > I will read or take a walk.

Learn from your mistakes, recognize what you’ve done in the past and do better. >I have went on a lot of drastic diets to lose weight fast & always gain it back right after. Now I am going to eat balanced meals and exercise while cutting out needless eating.