The good, bad and ugly Weekend Eats

Sorry I have been MIA. I was in Big Bear, CA this weekend. We actually were going up to Big Bear (BB) on Friday night and had to turn around because there was an accident and the traffic was delayed 4 hours! Boo. So, we went back home thinking the trip was cancelled until I called my mom on Saturday morning and she said we should just go for it! It only took 2 hours to get there without traffic 🙂

We hung around the cabin for a bit and then went to the night session skiing. My mom had never skied before and V-day is her birthday!!! So, she wanted to take a lesson and try it! dscn5836Before I get ahead of myself, let’s backtrack. Ben and I went out for sushi before heading to BB on Friday night for our V-day dinner. We started with miso soup and salad. I got a combo dinner with salmon, rice, tempura, CA rolls and I had one of Ben’s fancy rolls. dscn5829dscn58322

After a depressing attempt to get to BB we were defeated and turned around. We hung out a bit and got to sleep early.

Saturday morning : I woke up and ran 7 miles. I felt so good, I could have done a lot more, but I knew we had to figure out how to salvage the weekend and that’s when my mom told me to head to BB.

The GOOD : For the way up I made a BIG bowl of oatmeal and ate it in the car. THE BAD:We stopped at McD’s for a bathroom brake and Ben got a meal – I ate fries, no pic. Those McD’s fries are irresistable. dscn5833

The Bad II: After a night of skiing we came home and ate pizza. Here is Ben and Matt on Sunday happily eating leftovers.

dscn5855Night skiing is COLD! My fingers were in pain from the cold – I need better gloves. Oh and, I’m not a good skier at all, I basically just go up and down the bunny slope for 2 hours until I get bored. I’m too scared to try a bigger slope! dscn5845

The UGLY: In true “This is why you’re fat”style  we stopped at A&W for a bathroom break on the way home Sunday and I got their much advertised Cheese Curds to see what the big idea was – turns out they are just fried mozzarella. Totally nothing to stop the car for, well now I know. Luckily Ben shared them with me so I ate about 6 pieces and had some of his root beer float.dscn58581

The GOOD: On the way home we stopped to pick up dinner and discovered a new Vegan restaurant near our usual Thai place. I was so excited and ordered this tofu bowl that came with multi-grain rice (this is my fave) dscn5859

and these sweet potato fries that were just okay. dscn5860When we got back to the cabin on Saturday night I made my mom a makeshift pineapple upside down cake with what we had on hand. Then, we lit a cupcake liner on fire to use as a match. dscn5852

Happy Birthday Mom 🙂 dscn5848

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, the surprise for Ben was a singing telegram in the form of a Gorilla! Ha. I thought he would think it was hysterical, but he just ended up looking embarrassed and annoyed. Boo. I honestly thought he would be laughing and dancing around with him. Oh well, I tried. Now he says he is going to get me back next year. Great. I actually got the idea because he bought a gorilla suit for his sister for her b-day one year. Obviously I was wrong about him thinking gorillas are funny…dscn5823dscn5816

Hope you all have a great V-day!

P.S. I am all about the VDay organization that is working to end violence against women and girls.