Rainy Run

It has been raining forever here!!!! At least it feels like forever, it has actually rained every day since Thursday. That is crazy for California. Luckily God was nice to me and stopped the rain for a bit so I could run this morning. I did about 5.3 miles, it was misting rain for a bit, but nothing serious. In even better news, my foot doesn’t hurt 🙂 I hope I’m all better, but I will keep a close watch on it for a while longer.


This is the gloomy view from my office : This is supposed to be southern California?dscn5767

Eat I 2/9/2009

Eating breakfast at home is so much better than eating in my car. I am normally in such a rush to get to work lately I’ve been eating oatmeal in the car – not enjoyable. Today I had enough time to eat like a civilized person at the table. This is my normal combo – oats, naner, almond milk, cinnamon, brown sugar and PB.dscn57651

Eat II 2/8/2009

Around 4pm I got hungry for a snack. I couldn’t decide between a Kashi bar since I wanted to try the pumpkin flavor or yogurt with goodies. I got around this by taking a bite of the Kashi bar and giving the rest to Ben 🙂 dscn5756and making yogurt for myself.dscn5758

W I hadn’t given Ben a taste of my fabulous lunch salad so I re-created it for us to share with dinner. I also had a “veggie” italian sausage, garlic bread and a little chicken lasagna. dscn5760

My sweet tooth is stronger than all the heat of a million suns. I had a piece of great dark chocolate and some Rotta Black Monukka. I also had a few sips of Ben’s mixed drink. I have decided I need to start drinking more to alleviate my high-anxiety tendencies. I don’t know if this is the healthiest approach to dealing with things, but as long as I don’t become an alcoholic I think it will help:)dscn57621dscn5762

Running Questions

Since training and running the full mary I have been getting a lot of questions about it. I apologize if you’re emailed me and I am barely getting to your question, but I did want to answer everyone’s questions via the blog so other curious readers could benefit too 🙂

1.  Q: How long have you been running?

A: I have been running for about 5 or 6 years now. But for the most part it has been recreational running, nothing I consider “serious”. I have completed one 10K, many half marathons and a full marathon. I run because I enjoy it and the races are fun  – and a personal challenge too!

2. Q: How did you get started running?

A: I actually just started walking to lose weight at the end of high school. I would walk outside with a friend and if she wasn’t around I would go to my grandma’s and walk on her treadmill. I eventually bought my own treadmill and kept walking on it until that just became too easy. I started running one random day to keep it interesting and I fell in love with it 🙂

3. Q: I just started running and want to run a race, but I am very nervous. Do you have any advice?

A: For my first race I did a 10K with a friend. This was a great experience because I thought I would be surrounded by professional runners and I would feel inadequate and make a fool of myself, but that is not the case at all!

 Running is a great sport with a ton of camaraderie and support. Races, of any length, have people of all different shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels, etc. Mostly everyone is there to accomplish a personal goal and have a good time. No matter where you run in the pack there are people there ready to cheer you on. Your time doesn’t matter, it seems the spectators and your fellow runners just want you to finish 🙂

4. Q: What plan did you use to train for your marathon?

A: I actually just complied information from a few well respected training plans and made my own running schedule. I based my training on the Novice level because even though I have run half marathons and feel good about that distance this was my first full marathon and my goal was to cross the finish line. I remember reading on the RR message boards, “Running a full marathon is not like running 2 half marathons – it’s like running 10.” I took that very seriously. I respect the distance and wanted to get myself there in one piece no matter how long it took me. Also, to prevent injury I knew the Novice program was the best for a new marathoner.

Hal Higdon’s Marathon Novice Plan – I really like Hal Higdon’s plan because it is the most similar to my existing running schedule.

Jeff Galloway’s Marathon Novice Plan – This plan is time based. Galloway goes by the run/walk method where you run for a certain number of minutes and alternate walking for a certain number of minutes. I do not do the run/walk method, one of my BFFs ran a marathon using this plan and loves it. I have heard many great things about it and would recommend trying it if you are curious to see if it works for you. The thought behind it is very solid as well: take periodic walk breaks throughout your long runs and you will be consistent and finish stronger and feel better.

Cool Running Begginer Marathon Training – This is another great source I looked at. I didn’t use this program exactly, but I have used their half program once.

I reviewed all of this information and wrote out a weekly long run plan on an excel spreadsheet, from there I added shorter mid-week runs. Due to traveling and the holidays I did not follow my plan exactly. My longest run was 19 miles and I only completed that one time! I didn’t think I was prepared well enough for the full marathon, but I did a lot better than I expected.

From this full marathon experience and from running half marathons where I thought I wasn’t prepared enough I have learned – DON’T OVERDO IT. It is better to be slightly under-prepared and finish the race versus over prepared and injured!

If you are a new runner or you are new to a certain distance make sure you start at a beginner level. After you’ve conquered the distance you can move up as fast as you want. Injuries suck, if you want to help your body avoid them, run smart. You don’t have anything to prove to anybody except yourself.

5. Q: Do you have any tips for someone who wants to run a marathon?

A: Yes, a lot.

I learned A LOT while training for the full marathon, so it’s difficult to give random tips without missing something I think is important. If you have a specific question please ask away, but here are the tips I can think of now:

– Get used to eating something before your runs. I am a morning runner and that was hard for me to get used to.

– Find good sun-block, preferably one that doesn’t get in your eyes.

– Walk through aid stations.

– Don’t get irritated when the 15th person asks you how long a marathon is.

– When you get to the race – go pee, even if you don’t feel like it.

– Expect that at some point during your training you will miss a run. Illnesses, bad weather, un-expected plans – it will happen.

All of these questions will be added to my new FAQ tab shortly. Please feel free to ask my anymore questions via comment or email 🙂 Good running!

Eat I 2/8/2009

Happy Sunday 🙂 I started the day with a bit of a change up in breakfast – eggs. I like eggs, but I lalalove cereal and oatmeal, so I really don’t have them that often. Ben LOVES eggs, seriously. Every time he has them I always want to steal some so I just figured I’d make some of my own. I made an egg white scramble topped with a little cheddar cheese and ketchup and grapes on the side. Oh yeah, and that’s a Perfect 10 bagel  (made by Western Bagel, 140cals) with ICBNB.dscn5750I had the joy of going to the Level 1-2 yoga class with an instructor I really like today too!!! Finally. It was really great and just the right amount of challenge that I felt like it was difficult,but didn’t feel defeated – you know what I mean?


Lunch included a lot of blueberries we picked up from TJ’s…dscn5752Plus a super fancy salad from all TJ’s ingredients too. It had lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, light balsamic, candied pecans, cranberries and blue cheese. I made sure to be light on all those high-cal ingredients so I would have “calorie room” left for a big hunk of bread with Chevre made with honey – that stuff is amazing!!! Seriously, it’s also a TJ’s find and you should try it.dscn5753

The plan for the rest of the day includes getting my taxes done and wedding stuff 🙂 We really have to get on the ball with that. My friend/wedding planner Adriel says he is going to rip my vagina off if I don’t send him the guest list ASAP. While he was drunk when he made that threat, I don’t want to chance it…