This rainbow couldn’t stop me…

from a complete binge after I got home from class.dscn5745

After class on Saturday I ate one of the new Kashi granola bars on the way home:


Previous to that I had a very good lunch:


But, all that food couldn’t stop me from coming home and heading straight for the kitchen!¬† I ate a bunch of random cheese and crackers and other stuff I am probably forgetting as soon as I got home. I don’t know what exactly triggered it. I wasn’t hungry since I had eaten the Kashi bar and a bunch of Kashi’s new Vanilla shredded wheat¬† cereal on the way home. I had been very stressed with work/wedding planning/other stuff. So, that might have triggered it. I completely felt like crap after and I was disappointed too, I am trying to lose weight here and I am making no progress at all! (More on the new Kashi products coming soon!)

The BF and I talked about it and that made me feel a little better. I realize I cannot be in the kitchen except for meal times and one snack a day. I have really bad habits that I’ve lived with for years and I have to draw a line right now and just realize I need to completely stop random eating if I want to be happy and healthy.

Note: I do think I have to watch my protein intake too, since it seems to be a little low lately and that might help keep my blood sugar stable and keep me from random eating.