Eat I 2/6/2009

I had to be at work super early today since I had volunteered for the Breakfast Club – where my co-worker and I bring breakie into work. I just did it because she wanted to and I didn’t actually want to make anything so I bought a bunch of pan dulce and she brought fruit and juice. I ate half a piece of one and had a couple of bites later in the day – oops!

For my real breakfast I made oatmeal with the Kashi Go Lean oatmeal mixed with a packet of instant original and it was very Blah 😦 I sprinkled some brown sugar on top and that didn’t help much.

dscn5728I also attacked my cherries 🙂 dscn5729

For lunch I convinced my peep, Lisa, to go with me to Whole Foods! It’s not hard to convince anyone to go there if they realize the amazingness that is the WF salad bar. I ate this HUGE salad pretty fast and ended up feeling bloated for the rest of the afternoon (I know, TMI). dscn5730

I also got this great soda drink thinger. I liked it, but am not sure if it contributed to my uncomfortable fullness for the whole day. Hmmm.dscn5731

I signed up for a Web design class that I am taking from 6pm-9pm tonight and then from 9am to 4pm tomorrow. I am bummed that I have to be stuck in a class tonight and all of Saturday, so it better be good!!! Hopefully, this class will teach me how I can improve the blog and further my career in the same shot! Anyways, by the time I get home tonight it will be after 10pm and I will probably just hit the sack and catch up with you tomorrow.

Part of the reason I went to WFs for lunch was so that I could eat my packed lunch for dinner in class. I have a PB&Pumpkin Butter, a cup of milk (that was meant for my snack with cereal), more cherries and a cup of cereal if I want something else. Have a good night 🙂


2 Responses

  1. hey I ll be right there with you in class tomorrow, I ll be in A&P lab:)

  2. That soda is really good! And cherries always = yum!

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