Run 2/5/2009

I have not ran since Sunday and I don’t plan on running again until Saturday. On Monday after the full mary I took a walk in the morning and another short walk after work, then my foot/ankle started to hurt me. It still hurt Tuesday and Wednesday when I walked too. It’s my tendonitis foot, so it might be the tendon acting up. I decided I would rather make sure it is completely okay before running again so I can bounce back fast.

So, I’ve just been taking easy walks and relaxing. I want to make sure that I am mentally ready to run again too since I want running to be enjoyable for me, not a chore.

Note: A general rule of thumb is not to have a hard run again for the number of days that the race was in miles = 26 miles means no hard run for 26 days.

Eat I 2/5/2009

I was trying to post yesterday’s recap and it’s not letting me post pics for some reason 😦 Oh well. dscn57211We are moving forward to today’s eats. I started my little day with oatmeal made with naner, almond milk and a bunch of goodies mixed in. I normally just top my oats with brown sugar and PB, but I decided to get a little crazy with Kashi Trail Mix, dried cranberries and chocolate chips. Despite the fact that chocolate chips are one of my favorite foods I think I like my normal oats better…