Eating and Repeating

Lately the blog has just been about running, now that the marathon is over I need to focus on my eating. Exercise has not been a problem for me, but eating is where I struggle. I weighed in this morning at ***(not ready to post this).  My goal is between 145 to 147. I posted this back on December 6th, but since then my focus has been on marathon training and the holidays (oops!).

I have even more motivation to get to my goal weight since I am getting married in 5 months!!!! Crazy. But, I don’t want to just lose weight for the wedding only to gain it back right after. I have some very obvious habits that are keeping me at my current weight :

1. I eat at night

2. I snack … between meals, while cooking, while walking through the kitchen, etc…

Changing these habits will help me lose weight and get me to a healthier lifestyle. Since these are habits that I’ve had for years they are not going to be easy to change. This is going to take a major overhaul to how I am used to living my day.

My plan: I am going to focus on not eating anything after dinner for 14 days and then I am going to focus on not eating between meals (except for 1 afternoon snack) for 14 days.  28 days from now both of these habits will be over and I will be on track to lose weight and stop bad habits for good.