Big Fat Wedding Dress

After trying on a lot of different dresses at many different stores I cannot find my dream dress. So, I am going to have my dress made. I am basically, putting my hopes and dreams in the hands of a random dressmaker.

I am in southern California and there are a lot of wedding/quinceanera/prom dress shops nearby my house. I went into about 6 of them and asked questions and got a quote. I took a few pictures from magazines and catalogs of dresses that I liked and then I pieced together everything I wanted in one dress.

Last night I went back and got measured so they could start on it. I am nervous about it, but I kinda felt like I had no choice. None of the dresses I tried on gave me that, “This is it!” feeling. So, I hope my dress comes out like I am thinking.

On a related note: Despite the title of this post, I do not want my dress to be a BIG FAT anything! So, I am started a new chapter of this blog where I actually make an effort to lose weight. More to come…


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  1. post a picture, maybe one of us as your dream dress, you can have my dress

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