Marathon Lesson #9

#9 – You will figure out your best carbo loading dinners (through trial and error)

Since I had ran a few half marathons before training for the full I had an idea of what foods worked for me, but I did have a few bad pre-run meals that I regretted ;( …like that  night of a huge bowl of  ice cream or that time that I just mindlessly ate a bunch of random crap. Yeah, don’t do that.

I know you’re supposed to carb load before a long training run so I would make sure dinner the night before was full of carby goodness, but some meals worked better than others. For some reason pasta is just “okay” for my body, but not the best.

My super duper long run carb loading power meal is… Thai or Chinese food with lots of rice and soy sauce!!!



I think it’s the carb/salt combo that makes this magical, but I swear by it. I know everyone is different so you have to figure out what makes your body tick  run best. I sweat a lot, no really A LOT. I come back from a long run looking like I just got out of the pool. I think my body needs a lot of salt in addition to carb loading the night before a longy. (If you sweat like a normal person and not a beastie this carb/salt thing may not be for you.)

Figure out what your “super duper carbo loading power foods” are and your long runs will be much more enjoyable! Until you do, you will have hours of running to regret what you ate the night before 🙂 I mean, what else are you going to think about when you’re stomach is pissed at you and you still have 9 miles to go?


4 Responses

  1. Good luck with the race! I am proud that you figured out your perfect combo. i agree, although ppl think our bodies need the same thing for certain events, we’re all different. in high school, we always had pasta parties on nights before games. ehhh, i always ended up gettting a cramp anyway!!!

  2. (ps i played field hockey!)

  3. most of the time after i run i crave pickles and olives, must be the salt content. im loving the marathon tips!

  4. yep yep yep I tottaly agree!

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