Engagement Story

So a lot of peeps have asked about how the BF proposed. Unfortunately it’s not a super dramatic love tale. I was thinking about making one up that would have you all gushing, but I decided against (mostly because I’m not in a creative mood). Ha. Here we are at a friend’s wedding in October…foodies-153

Let me just start by saying I didn’t see it coming. I knew we were both super happy and committed to each other, but I didn’t think he had put any thought into buying a ring and asking me. Turns out I was wrong.

I always thought he would plan some  fancy restaurant date or weekend getaway and I would totally see it coming. Nope. Well, actually we did go out on a great date on Saturday night. We went to a comedy show and then to the Cheesecake Factory (which is fancy to me). It was a great night, we had a ton of laughs and fun together.

Turns our he got the ring on Saturday morning and was going to bring it on the date but, for some reason he decided not to bring it with him when we left. (I think he was a little nervous.) He said after such a great night Saturday he was kicking himself all day Sunday since he let a great opportunity to ask me just pass him by.

So on Sunday we  had a great day, low key, hanging out with my family for dinner. When we got back to his place on Sunday after dinner we were going to eat the left over cheesecake from the night before for dessert. I was getting it out of the fridge and he started to get some wine too. I thought wine was unnecessary since it didn’t really go with cheesecake, it was late and we had to get to work early the next day. When I vetoed the wine he brought out some champagne and started to chill it. I said, “Champagne, what are we celebrating?” and turned to take a bite of cheesecake. Before I knew it he swooped over from across the room and got on one knee. He said he didn’t want another day to go by without telling me how he felt and he asked me to marry him. What?! I was so not expecting it. Before I could answer or even process what was happening I had to spit out the bite of cheesecake into a napkin since I was in shock and couldn’t chew or swallow (isn’t that attractive)!!! I didn’t see this coming at all so I was in total shock for a while before I said YES!!! I finally got it together and let him put the ring on my finger.

 I am unbelievably happy, this is better than drugs my friends 😉 You can quote me on that, “Diamonds are better than drugs.” No, I mean, “Being in love is better than drugs.”


8 Responses

  1. what an awesome story! congrats!

  2. aww, congrats! that’s pretty darn exciting!

  3. much better then drugs live it up girl, you sound so HAPPY!!! I love engagements!

  4. Congrats! Sounds like my hubby. He proposed in my old bedroom at my parent’s house while we were getting ready to go to dinner with the entire family. Turns out the dinner was in celebration of the proposal of which I had idea! Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most romantic. ❤

  5. What a great story! Yay for you!!!

  6. Congrats, congrats, congrats! It will literally be the best time of your life and will fly by. One day you’ll wake up and instead of being in a sports bra and tennis shoes, you’ll have on a wedding gown and be like, how did the day get here so fast?!?

  7. congratulations!!!

  8. Christy – I love that story!!!

    Sarah – that sounds funny and true 🙂

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