Eat 1/15/2009

For whatever reason these pics are coming out as thumbnails right now. I am just going to deal with it.

I stole half of the BF’s pancake and had some oatmeal for breakfast. I didn’t have a naner or milk to go with it so it wasn’t good. foodies-1372Lunch was at a small Thai place and it was so good! I got spicy eggplant with tofu. See how the rice is shaped like a heart? I love that! It’s how they shape the rice everyday, it’s not a special occasion thing but something they do everyday 🙂foodies-1376I ate 2 pieces of dark chocolate after lunch.

On the way home I had blackberries. foodies-1377Dinner started with garlic bread, I love carbs.foodies-1378I had salad for some veggiesfoodies-1381

The main deal was ww spaghetti, nothing fancy just pasta and sauce.foodies-13831

I didn’t take pics of dessert – Vitatop and handful of cereal, choc chips,almonds.


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  1. Looks yummy! How’s the toe?!

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