3 Hour Tour…

So today was my last long run before my full marathon. The pressure was really on since it was my last chance to get in a long run before I have to taper back. I was nervous that I was going to have a bad run and really “psych myself out”. So much of running a marathon is psychological – well not so much since you are asking your body to carry you 26.2 miles!!! But, it is important that your “head is in the game race”.

I planned on doing 20 miles and ended up doing 19 – but they were 19 great ones! I had an amazing run 🙂 I think the secret is my night before carbo/salt load. (*I am going to write a separate post on what I eat before a long run since so many people ask me about this subject.) I took a few short walk breaks to drink water, eat half a Larabar and fill up my water bottle, other than that I was rockin’! My knee started to bother me around mile 17 and I was a little worried, but I slowed down a little and it went away.

19 miles took me 3 hours and 16 seconds. That is a great time for me! If I had done more long runs like this on my training I would be on track to complete the full in just over 4 hours. Unfortunately, I don’t expect that to be my time for my first full coming up, but if I ever do another I know I could do it!

I ended up running away from the BF’s and had him pick me up since I was about 9 miles away when I was done. While I was waiting I bought a sports type drink. On the way home we stopped at Jamba Juice. I always crave cold food like cereal, fruit and smoothies after a long run. I got a Jamby that I requested be put in a Large cup and topped with a scoop of granola 🙂

Before my run I ate a piece of toast with PB. This might also be a part of my magic run today.



3 Responses

  1. heyyyyyyYAAAA congrats girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19 good miles that is AWESOME, way to go. so happy for you 🙂 keep this feeling!!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a really great run! Can’t wait to hear all about the marathon!

  3. Congrats on the long run. Enjoy the taper!

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