Eat 1/9/2009

Word up 🙂 I was craving a smoothie for breakfast this morning. It’s kind of random because it’s still so cold out here. I also had a piece of toast with pumpkin butter and half a Larabar.foodies-1335Since I missed oatmeal for breakfast I had super deluxe oats for lunch. They had oats, PB, raisins, Fiber One, brown sugar and the kitchen sink. foodies-1328I also had a veggie sausage patty (to go with the breakfast theme) and half a Clif bar.foodies-1336My afternoon snack was 2 parts : bread with almond butter (I added pumpkin butter after taking the pic)foodies-1334and a lot of blackberries. I finished the whole container.foodies-1337

I had a package of tofu that I had to cook today so I just chopped it up and cooked it in a pan with some BBQ sauce, nothing fancy. I served it with roasted brussels and ww couscous. This was super fast, easy and delicious!foodies-1326

I made my special Kashi trail mix in a big ol’ bag. This is great to have on hand for snackies. foodies-1327

I also ate the rest of my ice cream to “finish it off”. Don’t you hate it when you eat a bunch of “bad” food because you want to get rid of it so it won’t be a temptation? I am bad at that game 😦 I know you shouldn’t eat something just because you want it out of the house so it won’t tempt you. I am doing more damage than I am helping myself by eating it. Boo. Well, it’s after the fact now since I’ve eaten all my “bad” foods already. Do as I say…


3 Responses

  1. I do the same exact thing with having to eat something just to get it out of the house. It bothers me so much that I just stopped buying that stuff all together!

  2. I do the exact same thing. I hate leftovers for too long because they are too tempting. So if we have a party or something and have leftover chips, snacks, desserts etc..I just make my husband take it to work. He can throw it out if he wants, but I just can’t throw it away!

  3. I know I need to stop buying foods I have a problem with all together!

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