2009 Goals

I love fresh starts and the opportunity to make new goals for myself. I am excited to make specific goals for myself for 2009. I actually got so excited I made 11 goals for this year. Here they are:

1. Run a marathon (and 2 half marathons)

2. Spend some “date time” with Matt every week

3. Get a new job that I love by March  and apply to grad school

4. Be Nice

5. Go to church and build stronger relationship with God

6. Only eat when my body is hungry – STOP (casual/mindless/habit) SNACKING

7. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, 1 snack and dinner

8. Love my body (appreciate how I look and be positive)

9. Don’t stress!!!!! ( I added the exclamation points for irony)

10. Tell everyone in my life nice things regularly

11. Dress cute all the time (okay, as much as possible)

I am going to keep everyone of these resolutions. This is going to be a very fun and challenging year – hope you read along for the ride!


2 Responses

  1. Excellent goals!!! I should add #11 to my list!

  2. love the goals! I am with you on all of them!

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