Christmas – Mexican Style

I am MIA since Christmas Eve! It’s the 29th – that is 5 days of no blogging! I am sorry. Seriously, I feel really bad 😦

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Here is a quick highlights recap of my indulgent Christmas eats. I am only showing the “holiday” stuff in an effort to not waste your time…


Holly Nog vs. Egg Nog – The Holly Nog is on the left, it’s darker and is thinner in consistency like soymilk. Basically, it is soymilk with nutmeg and some other spices.

Egg nog (on the right) is OG, you know what I mean. It’s thick and creamy, delicious and fattening. foodies-1246There were a lot of these over the last few days  – cookies and brownies are everywhere!!! Get out of here – save yourself!!! My willpower is no match for holiday treats. Obviously, there were a lot more cookies and brownies than shown here…foodies-1243Christmas Eve dinner was a red tamale with Spanish rice and beans. I had been craving a tamale since my mom brought them home at about 11am. I made myself have something else for lunch so I wouldn’t eat too many tamales over the course of the next few days.foodies-1233I made that fancy bundt cake recipe that I got from my trip to Rotta Winery in Paso Robles. It was good, but again, I am more of a chocolate dessert girl all the way.foodies-1239Lunch Christmas morning was a green chili and cheese tamale with beans and potatoes. My aunt made the potatoes full of oil and the beans full of cheese, so needless to say it was pretty high on the calorie and grease o’meter. foodies-1241

I had another green chili and cheese tamale for dinner. Those suckers sit in your stomach like a brick.

Overall I overdid it a lot, but I am slowly trying to get back to normalcy. It’s hard when there are still so many sugary and fattening foods sitting around from the holiday. I wish I could just throw them all out, but it’s not my place to. I guess I have to get it together and choose 1 treat a day wisely!


2 Responses

  1. Welcome back!!

  2. good luck w/ getting back on track… i cant see throwing out all of our holiday treats either but im packing them in my hubby’s lunchbag a few each day and then my plan is to indulge once in a while, not at every meal/snack time like i did over the holidays hehe 🙂

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