Eat 12/22/2008

Happy Christmas Week! I started Monday off right with my fave oats and Almond Butter – see, I’m changing it up a little!foodies-1190Then, I got to work to find this on my desk – a container full of goodies. I ate way too many cookies and candies today. It all started with some PB balls…foodies-1191That led to a haystack ( I don’t even like butterscotch in this form!)…foodies-1192That resulted in 2 little choc chip cookies…foodies-1193Then, lunch- LC butternut squash meal, carrots, greek yogurt with pumpkin butter and shredded oats. Doesn’t this look like a lot of veggies for a frozen meal? I am impressed LC.foodies-1194Oh, let’s not forget yet another choc chip cookie (this one made by someone else).foodies-1195Here is my holiday spirit: my little Christmas tree I have on my desk. I got it last year from the 99 cent store. That was one dollar well spent! It has lasted through 2 Christmases now 🙂foodies-1196Afternoon snack was pineapple and blackberries – trying to get my anti-oxident on.foodies-1197I ate a serving or so of soy chips on the way home from TJ’s. I should have just waited until I got home 😦 Bad habits die hard.

Dinner was a big salad (since I had eaten so much junk today I thought I should get some veggies in) and a leftover Indian dish with potatoes and something and some mini veggie corn dogs. I did not like these veggie corn dogs, but I love the full size ones. Since these are so small they get tough fast in the micro and the veggie dog on the inside is dry 😦foodies-1198Dessert was a couple of glasses of egg nog. I have been craving it, but should have just stopped at 1. foodies-1199

P.S. – There were a few pieces of candy and bites of things that went un-pictured. I think I just had a “F it” attitude today and figured since I had already eaten so much crap I might as well keep on. I know this is the wrong attitude to have. Every time I eat (or decide not to eat)I can make the decision to be healthy. It is not about good days or bad days and I should have stopped myself when I was not hungry.

It’s a work in progress obviously, I am going to do better next time.


2 Responses

  1. how was that lean cuisine meal, because it sounds really good and I think i have it buried in my freezer somewhere.

    all the food looks yummy 🙂

  2. I actually really like that LC meal, it’s one of my faves 🙂 Like always, you can’t expect to much with a frozen meal, but this one is good.

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