Run 12/20/2008

Before my run this morning I wasn’t really hungry, but thought I should at least eat some toast with PB. I usually don’t eat before a short run so my body isn’t that used to it.foodies-11762

My run today was supposed to be 19 miles. It was super cold which is good running weather, especially for a long run! I was actually sore from yoga yesterday. I need to go more often so I get different muscles in shape. I did go to the Level1-2 class and I’m just starting so that may be why I was sore too. Anyways, my leg muscles and my back were a little sore.

I had  a solid first 12 miles even though my body felt a little tired (?) the whole time. And then it got bad. I don’t know what it is, if it’s psychological or physical, but I just felt like I couldn’t do it all. Like I was telling myself, “I think I can’t, I think I can’t…” Once I get to that place – on a long run, by myself, getting overwhelmed – it’s hard to get positive. Around mile 14 I started running with walking breaks thrown in. As I kept going the walk breaks got longer. I was getting more and more frustrated and disappointed in myself.

It sucks because running 14 miles is awesome. I should be proud of that alone. Plus I did complete a whole 19 miles, just not running the whole time. But, I was so frustrated with myself I just wanted to quit. I started thinking about how I was not having fun. I love running. I do, seriously. I look forward to long runs, I smile when I run after I take an extra day off. I am weird. But these super long runs for the full mary have taken a psychological toll on me. It just doesn’t seem like fun right now.

I am commited to completing this race. My goal is to finish, so I shouldn’t care if I walk. I want to enjoy the experience and be proud of myself no matter what. I am just venting because I had a bad run today. Thanks for listening reading.


4 Responses

  1. us runners know what you mean;)

  2. ooo what kind of pb is that? it looks different 🙂

  3. I saw your site from other blogs I read and can completely sympathize. Currently I am training for Boston and although I love to run, it always takes a toll on me when it gets to the LOONG ones. Its TOUGH. But do not be discouraged with a tough training run. Once it gets to race day, regardless of how you feel, your pride will keep you running and you will finish.

  4. Bobbi – thanks 🙂

    Lindsay – it’s just natural creamy PB from TJ’s. I don’t refridgerate it so it’s a little runny.

    Stephanie – thanks, I can’t imagine how much harder you are training for Boston! But, I’m glad other people “get” me. Good luck with Boston!

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