Eat 12/12/2008

I worked from home on Friday and my cat kept me company πŸ™‚foodies-1091Breakfast was oats with naner and PB. I have tried to switch it up, but I really love this combo!foodies-1090I had some blackberries for a snack before lunch. Yeah for good fruit being on sale!foodies-1095Lunch was TJ”s black bean soup in a bowl heated up like it should be, but it doesn’t make for a very good photo, so this is what you get:foodies-1096Apple πŸ™‚ self explanitory.foodies-1097I had a long appt. in the afternoon and ate pom arils on the way to the BF”sfoodies-1098I was starving for dinner!!! We tried a new Indian place, and it was delicious! But, we had to rush through dinner since we wanted to catch a movie 😦 The restuarant was dimly lit and romantic and it would have been nice to enjoy it. Plus, since we rushed through dinner my stomach didn’t think it ate enough, but I totally did!foodies-1099I don’t think the BF’s stomach thought he ate enough either because after the movie he suggested dessert. Most of the time it’s my idea, but I can’t take the blame for this. At least we split it and I had a nf hot cocoa πŸ™‚ foodies-1100


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