Eat 12/10/2008

I didn’t have any ripe naners so I couldn’t make oatmeal. Boo. I don’t what it is, but I have to have a banana in my oatmeal or it’s just not good. But, I didn’t want cold cereal so I made french toast with 1/2 egg whites and 2 pieces of bread. I cooked up the rest of the egg whites on the side. All we had is fake syrup 😦 For some reason this meal was not filling at all. I was still completely hungry after.foodies-1067Since I was still hungry and this breakfast wasn’t as high in cals as my oats I had some cereal. Unfortunately, this hunger after breakfast did not go away all day! I really think I need a super filling breakfast in or I have lingering hunger all day. foodies-1069After spinning I had a lot of grapes.foodies-1071Since I was super hungry for lunch I wanted something very filling and full of protein. I made a tuna sandwich with mayo, tomatoes, onions and pickles. Pom arils on the side.foodies-1075I snacked on a bunch of un-pictured things in the afternoon. Snacking is definately my biggest downfall. A lot of it is a habit, some of it is an emotional outlet and all of it is a problem. But, we are  moving on…

I made  dinner for the BF to celebrate him finishing finals. I made him a steak, brussel sprouts and fancy mashed potatoes. The mashed pots were not healthy, by the way. foodies-1077I also wanted to make a dessert for the BF and I to enjoy after dinner and then my mom could give the rest to her co-workers. She is making them holiday goodies on these super cute Christmas plates. I made a recipe I saw a while back on Jenna’s blog. The recipe is originally from her “mom”. They are basically Homemade Reeses PB Cup Bars.foodies-1078They are amazing. Seriously, they taste like Reeses PB Cups! So good. The only problem is I couldn’t cut them neatly into bars. Actually, there was one more problem – I couldn’t stop eating them!foodies-1079My mom also was making oatmeal cookies and the house smelled so good. After a much needed walk after eating so much dinner and p.m. snacks I came home to this: foodies-1081

I ate 2 cookies and had some milk with it.  My willpower is no match for freshly baked cookies!!!


2 Responses

  1. my hubby would love me sooooo much if I made him those mock reeses bars!!!! yummers!

  2. Those Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars look absolutely sinful! I am going to have to make at my cookie exchange this weekend!

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