Run 12/10/2008

Today was an optional run day and I felt good, but wanted to go to Spinning so I decided to do 3 miles. That ended up being 3.5 miles because I was a half a mile from my house when I hit 3 miles, but couldn’t just cool down with a walk because it was too cold!

I went to my 2nd Spinning class ever today. The first time was not a fluke – I really like it! Also, when I walked in early the instructor asked me how long I had been spinning – I said, “Last week was my first time.” She was impressed that I did so well. I explained that I am training for a mary and need to cross train. It turns out she runs marathons too and is training for a Tri right now! We ended up talking for a long time after class about it. I told her that I am training alone and she said I could ask her anything and to let her know if I have any questions. How is that for a super successful work out!

I am happy 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I am planning on doing a 5am spin class tomorrow I HOPE I MAKE IT! I havent been in like a month I miss it!

  2. I love spin and do it regularly although when I trained for my marathon I had to do less because I was always running. Today’s class was a killer. We did one minute all out and 30 second break the whole class and we were adding resistence as we were doing this. Really hard but well worth it. Keep at spinning it’s a great cross-training workout.

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