Run 12/8/2008

Morning and Happy Monday πŸ™‚ Christmas is getting closer and I’m getting excited!

This morning I did 6 miles and 8 minute abs. I felt full of energy and kept a good pace (for me). It was 55 degrees out this morning. That is super cold for me, but when I am running I warm up so fast that I always wear shorts. I just add a long sleeve tech tee on top of my normal running shirt.

How cold does it have to get for you to wear running tights/pants? Also, I am looking into moving to a colder climate like D.C. or someplace with weather like that – Will I be able to run outside in the winter?Β  What do people do out there?


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  1. yep definitely! even run in snow, it’s a fun kind of “hush” to the outside. just gotta REALLY bundle up. layers, sweat-wicking stuff, EARS COVERED and fingers covered. but once your geared, no problemo.

  2. I don’t really run much, so I don’t know about running outside. But I am wimpy and I’m guessing I wouldn’t like it. If you like running I’m sure you’ll be able to handle the cold. I can hardly stand walking to the gym in the winter.

  3. i’m jealous that 55 degrees is super cold for you.

    i have short tights and long tights. i wear the short tights from 60 degrees (maybe 55) to 40 or 35. long tights 40 (or so) and under. and i run in any weather, no matter how cold. good hats, good gloves, a good vest and a good jacket. and when you’re preparing for a cold run, make sure that you are cold when you start. you’ll warm up fast enough! let me know if you want any more advice about cold weather running…i have PLENTY of experience.

  4. also, make sure the most bottom layer is wicking…you don’t want wet fabric against your skin, especially in the cold.

  5. Sadly, I run on the treadmill once it gets below 60! Boston’s wind makes running outside in the cold so much worse!

  6. i hibernate in the winter (live in PA) so i can’t help you unfortunately :/

  7. I am a treadmiller, but many peeps stay outside with layers.

  8. Betsy – THANK YOU for all the info, I’m starting from square one so it really helps.

    Boo the the cold weather making it hard to run.

  9. i used to live in DC and ran year round. Under Armor coldgear, gloves, ear warmers, nice running jacket from New Balance … a bunch of stuff i no longer use now that i am in so-cal πŸ™‚ the only thing that really bothered me about the cold temperatures was ice. i lived really close to my gym though, so if need be i would slip and skate over to the gym and run on the dreadmill.

    currently, i’m trying not to be a sissy–still wearing shorts as the temps dip into the low 50s πŸ™‚ i’ll probably wait until it’s down into the low 40s. brrr!

  10. also, check out the feature on called “Dress the Runner” (something like that). it allows you to input the temperature, wind speed, sunny/cloudy/etc. and a few other factors. it then provides you with a suggested outfit.

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