Eat 12/7/2008

Before my long run I had half a spiced pumpkin pie Clif bar, and ate the rest when I got back.

After the run I took way too long to eat a real meal. I didn’t eat until 2 and a half hours later! That is a big no-no for me. I hope I don’t feel it on my next fun. When I finally did eat I had a BIG bowl of cereals with almonds and cranberries.foodies-1014I snacked throughout the day on left over Peruvian food and other random things. I also went to CostCo to pick up fruit and ate a bunch of that 🙂


Dinner was tomato soup (from TJs), salad and garlic bread. I ate another piece of garlic bread of course – love those carbs! foodies-1023

I absolutely had to have dessert! The BF and I spoke recently about my need to cut out sweets, but decided that 1 time a week is good. So, I got my fave: Yogurtland!foodies-10241


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