Eat 12/1/2008

Hey everyone, yesterday was a little crazy for me. I had work all day, a long doctor’s appt. and then a friend needed me until 10pm. I was thinking about not posting my eats, but I am doing this so I can keep track of what I’m eating, so I am going to do a quick recap as a record for myself…


Breakfast was oatmeal with naner, PB and pieces of a coconut cream pie Larabar. So good!foodies-951I felt snacky around 10:30am so I had some veggie chips I got from the bulk bins at WF this weekend. Smartly, I did not buy a lot because I know I would have eaten through them by today.foodies-952For lunch I was craving something warm. I heated up some TJ’s sweet potato soup and added black beans. I also made 2 pieces of garlic toast with cheese and a carrot. This meal was super satisfying. It feels good to eat what you want, especially when it’s healthy.foodies-953But, no lunch is complete without dessert these days…I had 2 of these.foodies-955After my appointment I had an apple and a small bowl of cereal (no pic, my camera was out of memory).foodies-956As soon as I was about to sit down to dinner, I already had a salad all pretty and nice on the table and  I had to leave to go do something. I wasn’t back until 10pm! By that time I was starving! As I was walking out the door I told my mom she could have my salad since I didn’t know when I would be back. When I got home the salad was obviously gone and I didn’t feel like making another one. I reheated my veggie burger and potato, plus I had a couple of bites of my brother’s macaroni salad and rice from some Hawaiian place (you guys know what I mean).foodies-957

Even though it was a lot of food (that potato was BIG) I ate so fast I wanted something else. I made dessert a piece of toast with Almond Butter and choc chips – this was the most satisfying thing all day 🙂 foodies-9581


3 Responses

  1. Ok, toast with almond butter and chocolate chips sounds unbelievable!!

  2. yum! that toast looks SOOOOO GOOD!!!!

    is that ketchup on the potato? yum!

  3. Marafaye – it is unbelieveable, eat with caution!

    Seeleelive – yep, I always put ketchup on baked potatoes. Is that weird?

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