Eagle Castle Winery

We went to Eagle Castle Winery for lunch, oh yeah and wine tasting of course! This winery is designed like a Medieval Castle. It is  decorated full of period pieces that give it a very old feel even though it’s relatively new. This winery was founded by a couple who love castles and have traveled around the world touring them. They came back to Paso and built one! The wife was actually giving a tour while we were there. We couldn’t join it because we had to keep drinking eat lunch. foodies-763I thought it necessary to pose with this statue and give him some privacy for his private parts…foodies-766 I really appreciate how much effort went into all the details. The dining room off the foyer is decorated like medieval royalty eats dinner there every night. It’s fun! The entrance is a MASSIVE door, it makes you feel like you’re entering a different world.foodies-772The castle is even surrounded by a moat! foodies-768You can go upstairs to the balcony and take in the beautiful views of the Central Coast wine country.foodies-769After wine tasting 🙂 we had lunch in The Crown Room. We started with bread, fresh and warm 🙂foodies-774I ordered the Cobb Salad with no bacon. It was good. I also ate some of Cindy’s garlic noodles – that was very good!foodies-775


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