Eat 11/22/2008

I had the BIGGEST bowl of cereal for breakfast after my run. Then, I added more. It was good 🙂 It made me happy. I am simple like that. foodies-717For the drive up to Paso Robles I packed some snacks: grapes, pineapple, apples, a huge sourdough bagette, crackers and goat cheese. I thought all that stuff went well with our wine theme.foodies-719foodies-720foodies-721There are no pics from it, but as soon as we arrived in Paso Robles we went to my favorite winery – Rotta Winery. 

I love all of their wines! I bought a bunch, but I think we might stop there on the way out of town for some more. Got to stock up while you can. Also, they have a great recipe for a sherry bundt cake made with their famous Black Monukka WIne. That stuff is AMAZING!!! Seriously. And it just won an award in some magazine so it’s been gettting a lot of buzz. I am making the recipe either for T-day or Christmas. It is supposed to be delicious! I will of course post the details when I make it.

SInce we had just snacked all day I was super hungry for dinner. We went with Sushi and Teriyaki. Cindy and I shared all of these goods…

foodies-722Baked lobster roll…foodies-725Salmon Teriyaki – I all all the white rice though – Sorry Cindy 😦 There is nothing better than rice topped with soy sauce. I love it. foodies-727The check made a special dessert – it was just an orange, but he made it beautiful. And apparently Cindy put the flower from our sushi in her hair. She was drinking…foodies-728After dinner we had drinks at Vinoteca. It is a very cute little wine and cheese bar. I really liked the laid back, but still fancy, feel of it. I had a flight of whites. They were not as good as any of the Rotta wines though. Both this wine bar and the restaurant were in the downtown section of Paso Robles. It is a very cute area with a lot of restaurants.foodies-729I couldn’t wear the dress I packed because because I had some gross chafing on my chest around the top of where my sports bra hits from it rubbing for 2 and a half hours on my run this morning. So, I had to wear my fancy gingerbread boy shirt. I am classy. No wonder I kept getting carded – who dresses like this in fancy places? Boo Monica. But, I really didn’t care because I had wine and it’s all good…foodies-730

We needed gas on the way home we stopped and got some hot chocolate and a cookie too 🙂 I don’t know what makes me happier…wine or chocolate cookies?…foodies-7371

I am going to do a full run down on Paso later. I love this place and want to provide more info, but I’ve got more wine to taste for now…


4 Responses

  1. looks like you had an awesome time!!! what a fun dinner 🙂

  2. What a fun night! I love wine!!!!!!

  3. oh my gosh-that salmon teryaki looks so great! those are intense grill marks!!! yummmm i love sushi! and howd u get ur cereal bowl milk to be pink?!!!

  4. Thanks 🙂 It was sooo fun!

    Seeleelive – The cereal turned pink because that cereal has strawberries in it. I think they are freeze dried or something and they get soft in milk,but before that they are kinda chalky. They totally turn the milk pink!

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