Eat Part II 11/19/2008

After a very snacky lunch (I took no pics) I was hungry for a snack around 3:30pm. I thought it would be a great idea to make a pumpkin shake so I started with pumpkin as a base and proceeded to add everything in my freakin’ freezer to make it taste good. I didn’t have my go-to ingredients for a killer pumpkin shake, but it’s coming soon! Anyways, I had a HUGE shake because I kept adding things and topped it with a lot more goodies than shown here. foodies-685I wasn’t that hungry around dinner but I was thirsty and since I had already had so much water already I thought it would be fine to drink some of this pre-made (with alcohol) margarita! Notice from the sticker how it was on sale. Ha. But, I like it so whatev.foodies-6931I made something up for dinner: Black Bean/Tortilla Casserole. I stacked ww tortillas with black beans, tomatoes with green chiles and cheese and made about 3 layers of that.foodies-692The top layer I just put beans and cheesefoodies-696

It was good, but the recipe needs work. I think it would be a lot better with refried beans because the not smashed black beans made it fall apart.


I ended the night with some sf hot cocoa.


5 Responses

  1. wow,, whats a delicious…
    see me at

  2. Yummy casserole! How creative!!

  3. Hey! So i think you are a fellow Long Beach-ian, ite? 😀 I don’t know but you did do the marathon which is sweet! I am a LB-er as well, i’m going to add u if u don’t mind! Your mexi food looks great, i never make my own because there’s so much around here. Have a great day!

  4. strongandhealthy, Thanks 🙂 I just made it up as I went along

    Carolinebee – Hi 🙂 Long Beach represent! Yeah, totally add me. I have to get around to making a blogroll too.

  5. add salsa…or tomato sauce so that the beans are more saucy. That way it will melt together with the cheese. I think. Just a suggestion, it looks really good!

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