Eat Part I 11/19/2008

I had a handful of shredded wheat before I went on my run. When I got back I couldn’t decide between oats or cold cereal (it’s still warm here) and finally decided oats because the naners were so ripe. But, I still ended up eating some cereal while I was cooking, I guess I wanted that more – I should have went with it. foodies-683I had to drop my car off at the dealer to get serviced mid-morning – It is going to be $600! What.The.Heck. I came back home via courtesy shuttle and mindlessly ate a lot more grapes than are pictured here. I also ate some cereal (no pic).foodies-684

So noon came and went and I was not hungry at all. (I am working on listening to my body’s hunger.) Around 1pm I decided to make some curry hummus because my mom made a huge pot of garbanzos and requested it. I ate a bunch of that with crackers while making the various batches. I also had a couple of handfuls of a choc chip, raisin, almond trail mix. I am so not hungry now, but since I have just been snacking all day I don’t feel satisfied. Don’t you hate that? I need to write out some rough daily meal plan for myself because I am constantly snacking and don’t recognize when I am eating.


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