Eat 11/18/2008

Okay, so yesterday’s eating was Bad – with a capital B (obviously).  I couldn’t stop nervous snacking all day! I was coming down from the test all day and I still couldn’t just relax. I really should have had a drink to relax. I am super high strung, I think I’ve mentioned before that I always joke about having an anxiety disorder (the BF refers to it as my anxiety super-power). Anyways, I definitely think alcohol is the way to go from now on, not food.


Long story short…today was a fresh start.


I started the day with oatmeal, fave combo – plus the naner was super ripe so it was sooo sweet and creamy 🙂foodies-674I went to Costco on my lunch to get a present for myself (I’ll tell you later) and had a couple of samples while I was there. I also bought blackberries and ate some on the way back. My official lunch was a sammie with provolone and lettuce/tomatoes and a big honeycrisp. foodies-675I also had this mix of cereal and goodies that was supposed to go in my yogurt, but I couldn’t wait. foodies-676IMy afternoon snack was a vanilla Chobani yogurt and I found an old pack of South Beach granol-y. I could have done without the granola, but I love putting crunch or chew in my yogurt. I can’t stop.

***In other news : I Ioved the Vanilla Chobani! I think it tasted like a light and creamy pudding/yogurt. Seriously, I think this is the best vanilla yogurt ever. The vanilla flavor was perfect, not too overpowering (so it didn’t overpower the toppings) but you could still eat it plain and it was perfect that way. foodies-677I ate a handful of Sun Chips when I got home while my fancy frozen dinner was cooking (I’m being sarcastic) & a bite of mango. I also started with broccoli and ranch dressing – the full fat kind – so I just tried to eat in moderation. foodies-678My main course was Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas from TJ’s. It was good 🙂foodies-679I really wanted a Vitatop so I had one with some sf hot cocoa 🙂 I need to call it a night now and brush my teeth. foodies-680


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