Eat II 11/15/2008

I wasn’t that hungry when the BF was ready for lunch so I ate an apple and had a bite of his sandwich.foodies-6521Around 3:30p I was super hungry so I ate the leftovers from last night. They don’t look very good, but they tasted good.foodies-656I wanted something sweet and started to eat a few chocolate chips, I knew that’s not what I wanted so I ate some dried unsweetened mango. This stuff is better than candy! **While making dinner I also snacked on hummus and pita chips that we picked up from TJ’s, no pic 🙂foodies-657The BF made a new recipe earlier this week and was telling me about how good it was. He called it Corn Pancakes and it sounded pretty good so we decided to make it together for dinner. It is bascially a corn pancake with cheese on top – do you see why I have gained weight since getting with this guy? It sounded good, but it was not. Boo. It was missing something. I didn’t put cheese on my piece because that would just be too much. foodies-6581 His recipe was : heat corn in skillet with a little butter. Mix pancake mix with eggs and milk and cottage cheese. Pour pancake mix on corn and cook. Top with cheddar cheese and let melt. It sounded good, but it was not. Boo. It was missing something. foodies-661

But the night ended on a good note when I convinced him to take me to Yogurtland(my happy place). I got taro and pumpkin frozen yogurt with a bunch of random fruit, a lot of granola and few other random things. If there is a Yogurtland near you – you must try it. Yogurtland changed my life! foodies-6621


3 Responses

  1. I want a Yogurtland near me! That looks soooo good!

  2. mmm… yogurt… i heart frozen yogurt!

  3. I want to open a Yogurtland so I can be there all the time! There is nothing like it.

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