Who wants to be my fren….

So, everyone around is being tagged lately and I was over here in the corner like, “Hey guys tag me! I’m over here! You can tag me if you want! I’ll walk really slooooow and make it easy for you…”

But, nope. No tags. So, I am tagging myself. Here are 7 random facts about me so you can get to know me better (because I am assuming you want to).

1. I “know someone” who smuggled a dog from Rosarito. “This person” heard some guy was trying to drown puppies at the beach and was obviously appalled. “This person” ended up finding one of them and smuggling to America, land of the free!

2. I went to school for broadcast journalism and was a local cable reporter for a while up until recently. The problem is to get a “real” job in the industry I have to move to Paduccah or Podunk or somewhere like that and I don’t really want to. So, now I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life!

3. I am obsessed with seeing the world. I want to go everywhere. I would love a job that required me to travel to cool places.

4. I can walk forever, well that’s what the BF says. I seriously can walk all day long and not get tired. I think I was made to walk. Too bad I wasn’t made to run.

5. I have massive hand and feet, so I feel like this is reason to believe that I am “big boned”.Yes, there is such a thing as big boned – I am living proof. I got this from my mom, she can palm a basketball. She will not be happy about my mentioning this on the blog. Sorry Mom!

6. I like finding ways to bring up my vagina in conversation. I often call it my “vagine” pronounced vah-jean, but more French.

7. I look better in pictures than in person.


That’s it! Don’t you feel closer to me already?


9 Responses

  1. Aw. Next time, you tell me and I’ll tag the crap out of you. I never know if people are annoyed by it, ya know!

    Fun facts. I think it’s cool your mom can palm a ball!

  2. I’d totally have tagged you if I’d found your blog sooner!!! Im slow sometimes…

  3. LOL This post cracked me up! I’m so glad that you decided to tag yourself… 🙂

  4. I’m sorry you weren’t tagged. I thought I was the last one tagged…I waited forever too! :0( I love your facts!!!!

  5. Hangry – thanks for being willing to “tag the crap out of me”.

    Ha! I’m glad you guys enjoyed them!

  6. Great blog ! I found you from KathEats! I am a runner also & just took up the sport of triathlons:) I recently started a blog of my own in hopes to improve my ways of thinking and inspire others to change the way we view food, “diets” and our body image Thanks for the great blog! I look forward to following yours 🙂

  7. Thanks Jennifer. Way to take up triathlons!!! That’s great 🙂

  8. this is hilarious because I felt the same way and was thinking about tagging myself too. love it.

  9. Then, Lisa tag your it!

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