Run 11/11/2008

I did about a 50 minute run today with a little bit of fartlek (speed play) thrown in the middle. I usually warm up for about a mile and then so a couple of speed sections and then run a little longer until my time is up.

I am looking into getting a GPS watch so I can start running a new route. I don’t have a good route mapped out where I am living now and I hate it. I basically run to a near by park and run around it until I am bored out of my mind. A GPS watch will tell me how far I’ve run so I can just take off from my house and turn back when I’ve went far enough. I am super excited about it, but I have to wait until the 17th to get it because that’s when it goes on sale!!!!


4 Responses

  1. Have you tried It’s very similar to Google Maps, but you can map out a run and store it. You can also search for runs in your area – for instance, if you’re going to be in New York City and want to run 6 miles, you can find everyone’s 6 mile run. It’s cheaper and less bulky than a GPS watch, and it’s addictive. I use it all the time.

  2. I have heard of mapmyrun, and checked it out a while back, but was not able to utilize it. I looked up runs near my mom’s house and didn’t really find anything. Boo, there are no runners around me! I will try it for a bigger search area and see what I come up with. Thanks!

  3. congrats on the great run 🙂 you are really inspiring!

  4. Thanks Lindsay!

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