Bad Long Run…Grams’ B-day

Hello, here is a quick recap of the weekend. My long run was not good yesterday. I was scheduled to do 14 miles and ended up doing 11 bad ones. I slept in after staying up late (for me anyways) and got a late start. By the time I started running it was close to 9am and pretty hot, which I was not well hydrated for. I stopped for water at a near by fountain and poured some on my head. I ran by a grandpa walking with 2 little girls and heard one ask, “Why is she running?”. I wish I could have heard his answer to them, but I was off and running past them too far to hear. I thought that was cute. After my run I walked to the store because the BF didn’t have any cereal and I usually crave cereal or a smoothie after a hot, long run. I ate a container of strawberries on the way back and a BIG bowl of cereal once I was home. I blame the bad run on a couple of factors:

– I ate a lot of crap the night before (greasy chinese take in and like 10 fun size chocolate bars)

– I slept in and then just rolled around in bed before I got up to run, I am best when I am fresh

– I was not well hydrated

– Psychologically I convinced myself that this would not be a good run because of the above factors and that is was expected that I would bail out early

I learned a good lesson from realized what made my run bad. I only have about 12 long runs until the marathon and I cannot afford to have bad long runs. I need to realize what works and what does not work now so I can stay on track with my training.

Sunday was a rest day but the BF and I took a l-o-n-g walk to Target to get some stuff. I should have stretched out afterwards. Before we went I ate oatmeal, plus some bites of the BF’s “chile killers” (an egg dish I make him).

I had a couple of handfuls of this cereal when we got back from the walk, and an apple:


I didn’t want to eat a “real” lunch since we were going to my grandma’s for her b-day and I knew there would be food there. But, I was hungry so I ate too many pretzels with almond butter and some bites of the BF’s rice mixed with a veggie chorizo sausage:

I don’t think I like these sausages after trying them again. They are kind of dry and not flavorful enough. They would be better if they were spicier.


At my grandma’s I ate some chips (no pics) and pub mix. There was nothing healthy at all.

 They ordered in pizza and pasta from Pizza Hut I think. The red sauce pasta was not good and tasted like generic cafeteria food( I actually normally like cafeteria food since I didn’t have one growing up, but this time I mean it in a bad way). The white pasta was okay. I also had a bread stick and bite of pizza. Um, and a margarita 🙂

My mom bought that super BIG chocolate cake from CostCo, so good! I shared a piece with the BF because I didn’t want my own, but I kept stealing bites when I was serving it. Oops.

 Happy Birthday Grams!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Your grandma looks so cute!

  2. She’s actually a crazy old lady, but I will probably be too 🙂 Thanks!

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