This is ridiculous

Blogger erased my entire VERY LONG post and it will not let me upload my pics. I quit. I am posting what I have and that’s it. I am sorry, but my very long post was a lengthy rant on how I purchased a chicken for me and the fam to eat for dinner, but after I came back from a walk around dinner time the only part of the chicken left was a greasy drumstick. I do not eat dark meat. I only like the breast part and they should know this. I barely even eat meat as it is. What pisses me off the most is that I bought it to be nice and nothing was left of it for me. Unbelievable! I am still very mad because I didn’t even say anything since I was so disgusted. I was livid and considered making a veggie burger for dinner instead. I wasn’t that hungry since I had made a CostCo bag of brussel spouts and already ate a ton of them. So I ate the remainder of Matt’s food and ate multiple desserts to make me feel better. Well, it didn’t. So, I ended up feeling stuffed, bloated, fat and pissed off. Ah!

Sorry, I had to get all that out. Here is what I have of my daily:
Breakfast was an alternative bagel with PB and pumpkin butter, half a naner, greek yogi with more pumpkin butter.

I had some hot chocolate and a few animal crackers when I got bored mid morning. Bad.

Lunch started with some frozen veggies and carrots with hummus. This picture will not upload and I have had it with messing with it. Plus an egg salad sammie with 1 whole egg and 1 white and some mayo. So good!Dessert = dark chocolate 🙂I went to CostCo late in the afternoon and ate a bunch of unhealthy samples plus a ton of dirty grapes on the way home. When I say dirty, I mean dirty. They were gross, but whatev. I should be concerned that I have some sort of disease now. Oh well.
Here are the aforementioned brussel sprouts. The bag made 2 huge pans. I ate about 3/4 of one whole pan. I don’t know why but I cannot get enough of these!

Here is the previously mentioned leftovers of Matt’s food, I added more rice after this pic, a lot more.So, with dinner down the toilet I was so pissed and just decided to eat ice cream. Luckily this is the last of my ice cream, so I shouldn’t buy anymore for a while. I am trying to stop eating after dinner. Not eating a “real” dinner makes this hard to do. Obviously I justified eating after dinner tonight. This is unacceptable since this is the main habit that keeps me from losing weight.

I also had a Vitatop and a bunch of graham cookies and some milk. I felt like shit after. I was still pissed off and now felt disgusting. Boo. As much as I would like to believe that chocolate solves all problems it doesn’t. It actually causes some of mine. Ha. I am back on board tonight to STOP EATING AFTER DINNER. I am going to be honest here so I need you all to hold me accountable. I might have to post my address so you can come over and distract me after dinner.
Seriously, this is a horrible habit I have going back since I was a child. When I am over my mom’s for the night I see her eat a snack at night EVERY night. She gives my little brother a snack every night too. It is a habit that she has ingrained in me since I was a child. It has to stop here. I cannot tell if I am eating because I am hungry at night or because I have this life long habit of eating a snack every night. Any tips on how to stop this nighttime eating?


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  1. I’m sorry about your diner

  2. wow I would be pissed off too, man! OH and about the Brussel Sprouts… THEY ARE SO AMAZING— THERE'S NO COMFORT TO THIS GIRL'S TUMMY THAN SOME ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTS <333 Especially in the fall and winter months— Feel Better tho! Just tell yourself that YOU ARE DOING AN EXPERIMENT… YOU want to see if you can survive w/o eating after dinner? ha Idk… Maybe you don't eat enough protein or whole grains + fiber during the day?


  3. Thanks 🙂

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