Weekend Highlights

Hey everyone I don’t have time to do an entire weekend recap so I thought I would post some “highlights” since I took the time to take pics. Some peeps at my work got my boss an Edible Arrangement for Boss’ Day. I love these things and want to send one to myself so I can eat it all. I ate some of this one though. I finally tried the Clif Z bar Spooky Smores flavor. I liked it and I also got one for Matt (my little bro) he was super excited about the festive packaging šŸ™‚
Sparkling Peach Wine because I love wine, peaches and sparkles. Enough said.
Yogurtland!!!! My favorite thing EVER. They even have pumpkin flavor. I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN. Do you see the BF’s face in the background? Ha. This might be one of the last times we get frozen yogurt for a little bit since I think I am usually too cold for it in the winter, yes even in the California winter. One of the last times, not the last last time.
Sunday breakfast! I have been craving pancakes so I finally made some on Sunday šŸ™‚ Pancakes are good.


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