Monday Recap

Run: The day after a long run I take it easy and normally just take a walk or something. I want to get into more cross training too – that’s coming soon.

Eat: After a quick walk I had oat bran with naner, brown sugar, almond milk and almond butter. When I got to work I felt “munchy” so I ate a baggie of PB Puffins. I wasn’t to hungry and should have just had a couple, but I ate the whole thing. Darn.
Lunch was a LC meal – I know they are super processed compared to something I can make myself, but some of them are really good and so easy and cheap! There was a sale and they were $2.00 each at the store this weekend. Nice. Snap peas and hummus on the side. I also had an apple that missed a pic.
A little while later dessert…dark chocolate. Dark chocolate makes Mondays better, doesn’t it?

Afternoon snack was a piece of ww with PB and yogurt. I am not in love with these TJ’s yogurts. They are kinda runny, but I do like that they don’t have artificial sweeteners in them. I was super hungry while driving home and was planning my dinner. I decided on TJ’s sweet potato soup and a veggie burger. So good! The soup would have been a lot better with cinnamon toast croutons. How would I even make those?

Dessert! Ice cream cone. I was more tired than anything else at this point, but the ice cream was there. I do agree in the idea “If it’s not in the house you won’t eat it” and I probably shouldn’t have ice cream so available.

2 Responses

  1. So the sweet potato soup is good? I always want to get it, but I can’t commit. I’m liking the cinnamon toast crouton idea.

  2. I actually tried a butternut squash soup from a restaurant a while back that came with cinnamon croutons. It was amazing! So, this soup isn’t as good in comparison, but it’s not bad. I think cinnamon croutons and a splash of condensed milk (the other thing the restuarant soup comes with) would totally “make” it.

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