Monday Recap

I started Monday with a 4 mile run plus some hill repeats. I had to wait until I got to work to eat breakfast. I don’t like to do that because it’s over an hour after I finished my run and I think it makes me hungry for the rest of the day. I made oat bran with a naner and brown sugar. I also topped it with some South Beach granola. Lunch was a LC pizza with carrots and snap peas and hummus. So good 🙂
My afternoon snack was yogurt with PB. My co-worker saw this combo and said something about it. I think she thinks it’s weird.
I heated up some leftover chicken, a baked potato and veggies for dinner, salad too.
I made some more Kashi Trail mix after dinner and ate some. This is a pic from Fiber One Carmel Delight trail mix, but I didn’t take a new pic. I also had some ice cream and didn’t take a pic. Boo. I feel like I’ve given up and have been really bad about updating the blog this week. I need to get it together!


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