Made it through another week. This week was tough because I didn’t have any rest over the weekend to re-energize. Well, hopefully I will have some time to relax this weekend. I am getting my hair cut on Sunday and maybe doing some highlights – so I’m super excited about that. I also have to watch Matt this weekend since my Mom is going to a local casino for the day. I need to think of something fun to do with him. He’s my 7 year old little bro in case you don’t remember. Any suggestions?

I didn’t want oatmeal for breakfast since I’m starting my oatmeal challenge tomorrow. So here is my bacon, eggs and bagel breakfast – basically the same one I had earlier this week except with some cheese on the eggs this time. Look at this plate – doesn’t it look like an unhealthy or high calorie way to start the day…
This whole breakfast about 400 calories! And it is so delicious and filling. Here is the breakdown:
3 egg whites – 30 cals each =90 (which I thought had about 30 cals each right? says 17)
slice Kraft Fat Free American cheese – 25 cals
2 pieces turkey bacon – 35 cals each = 70
Rudi’s Bagel – 150 cals
little bit Smart Balance – 25 cals
cinnamon and sprinkle sugar – 10 cals
ketchup – 25 cals

I also had some grapes (no pic) which would up to total to over 400, but what I had on that plate is a lot of food for the cal count.

About 11am I had some watermelon. I have a whole other one to cut so I had to eat this stuff.


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