Rest of the day…

Monday calls for chocolate, so I ate some.
My afternoon snackage was Kashi Trail Mix – my mom swears by this stuff. It is Kashi Go Lean, almonds, raisins and of course chocolate chips!!! This stuff is the best. I used to eat this stuff all the time, I would make a huge gallon zip-lock bag full of it but it’s been a little while since I’ve made it. Anyways, I ate it at my GRE class this weekend and I decided I should eat it everyday. My mom credits a lot of her weight loss to this trail mix because it takes a while to eat and is very filling. Dinner was tostadas with beans, lettuce, salsa and cheese. I ate about 2 of the them, but mostly just shoved the other one in my mouth while I was cooking. Salad on the side…
Then, I cut 1 of the 2 watermelons I had bought today. This is not a pic of it, but I didn’t take one so here’s an old one. I picked a winner! This is a good watermelon and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been going through watermelon withdrawal.
I also ate a bunch of super dirty grapes on the way back from the store. I guess there is a reason the package says to “rinse well”, my fingers were super dirty after eating them. Isn’t that sick? I super washed them when I got home. I hope I don’t get some kind of dirt disease from it. Wish me luck…


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